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7361 Almaville Road
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We normally keep >1000 in S700s or #10s in various heights in screening species ready at all times.   We also keep around 1000 ready for pickup in #5s in the most frequently spec’d screening species. Timber plants are custom dug. 

You can email your bid specs to: [email protected] or call/text Chris at 615.691.0805. We are always happy to discuss availability and planting options for design/architecture.

If you are thinking about using bamboo in your landscaping or for a perimeter screen, you will get much more from your visit if you do a little planning ahead of time to share with us. The following are suggestions (not necessities) but will be helpful for us to guide you through the decision process.:

1. Bring or send photos of the areas you intend to plant.

2.Determine whether the soil drains in the area in question

3.Decide if you will be removing any existing plant material and how this will alter the light available.

4. Plan your priorities– Some parts of your planting may be more urgent than others (suggesting greater plant density in that area). Try to visualize that if you can, then measure it.

5. Measure all the lengths of the places you want plants.   Then visualize and measure the bare minimum height you will need.

6. Determine what underground utilities or other obstacles you might have to deal with.

7. Do a trial run- Dig one hole about 14” in diameter and 12” deep to see how difficult this will be (to help determine whether this is a job you want to do yourself or hire it out to a contractor)

8. Draw up a “napkin” sketch of your property and the things you want to hide/screen, including the measurements from above, we can be much more precise in cost estimates.

9. Work up a rough budget for yourself.  This will help you be  able to decide whether to shorten or lengthen your waiting time for your complete screen based on cost estimates we work up for you while you are here.

We are a Tennessee Agritourism business with posted signage. However, we do not have restroom facilities on the premises. Bathroom facilities (and some reasonably priced food) are nearby at the Almaville Market..

If you are planning to visit us for a picnic or stroll around the premises, considering bringing a camera, suntan lotion, bug spray, drinking water, good shoes, a blanket and perhaps a picnic basket. 

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Vehicle Loading & Towing Recommendations

To give you an idea of what you can carry, we typically load 25 Adult Screening Plants in a long bed pickup truck or 20 in a 6-1/2′ bed. You can get 80-85 plants on a double axle 16 foot trailer.

You will need a tailgate or ramps or need to build some elevation on the back of your trailer.

If you don’t have a tarp, we can cover the plants for you- we have successfully had plants make it to Colorado, Maryland, Michigan and Florida covered with carpet backing or “Leno.”

If you expect your order to be greater than 20 plants, please call ahead so we can be sure of availability of your particular species. We prefer to stabilize the newly dug plants for 2 weeks.