How are the plants prepared for pickup or delivery?

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At Almaville Bamboo, we take great care in preparing our plants for their journey to your location, ensuring they arrive in excellent condition and are ready to thrive in their new environment. Our packaging methods vary depending on the type and size of the bamboo plant, as follows:

  • Balled in Burlap: This traditional method is used primarily for our larger screening plants. The root ball of the plant is carefully wrapped in burlap and secured, which helps to protect the roots during transportation. This method is ideal for larger plants, making them easier to handle and plant upon arrival.
  • Potted Plants: The majority of our bamboo plants are sold in various pot sizes, including #1 nursery pots for ground cover bamboos and larger sizes such as #5, squat #7, or #10 pots for screening and timber bamboos. These pots are chosen to accommodate the root system adequately, ensuring the plant remains healthy and stable during transit.
  • Custom Dug for Large Orders: For large caliber plants or specific requests, we offer custom digging services. These plants can be prepared balled in burlap or according to the customer’s specific requirements for transportation and planting.

Our packaging is designed to ensure the safety and health of the plants during the move from our nursery to your location. We also provide detailed care instructions to help you get your new bamboo plants established and thriving. Whether you’re picking up your plants directly from our nursery or arranging for delivery, our team is committed to making the process as smooth and successful as possible.

For any questions about our packaging methods or to discuss the best options for your order, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to help you select and successfully transplant the perfect bamboo for your space.

Vehicle Loading & Towing Recommendations

To give you an idea of what you can carry, we typically load 25 Adult Screening Plants in a long bed pickup truck or 20 in a 6-1/2′ bed. You can get 80-85 plants on a double axle 16 foot trailer.

You will need a tailgate or ramps or need to build some elevation on the back of your trailer.

If you don’t have a tarp, we can cover the plants for you- we have successfully had plants make it to Colorado, Maryland, Michigan and Florida covered with carpet backing or “Leno.”

If you expect your order to be greater than 20 plants, please call ahead so we can be sure of availability of your particular species. We prefer to stabilize the newly dug plants for 2 weeks.