How can I manage the height of my bamboo if it gets too tall?

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If you need to maintain or reduce the height of your bamboo, it can be easily done once a year using hedge shears or by hand. We recommend trimming at the desired height just after the growing season ends, as this allows the plant to focus on producing more foliage and branches at the new height. This method is effective and helps ensure your bamboo remains healthy and vibrant while fitting perfectly into your landscape design. Remember, bamboo only flowers and produces seeds very rarely, so trimming won’t affect its ability to reproduce or thrive.

Vehicle Loading & Towing Recommendations

To give you an idea of what you can carry, we typically load 25 Adult Screening Plants in a long bed pickup truck or 20 in a 6-1/2′ bed. You can get 80-85 plants on a double axle 16 foot trailer.

You will need a tailgate or ramps or need to build some elevation on the back of your trailer.

If you don’t have a tarp, we can cover the plants for you- we have successfully had plants make it to Colorado, Maryland, Michigan and Florida covered with carpet backing or “Leno.”

If you expect your order to be greater than 20 plants, please call ahead so we can be sure of availability of your particular species. We prefer to stabilize the newly dug plants for 2 weeks.